Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Ten Daily Conversation in Our House

10. Me or Trent: "Gracelyn, do you need to go potty?" G: "No."
....Few minutes later....G: "Potty! Peep-peep! or Poop!"
Clean the potty and then get the treasured M&M. G: "Yank you."

9. Gracelyn, while carrying a phone or remote or book: "Four, Fife, Six"

8. Gracelyn, while sitting at the table eating a meal: "Home"
Me or Trent: "No, I'm not going to hold you until after I am done eating."
At the end of most meals, she ends up sitting in her Daddy's lap with him feeding her cause Mommy eats SLOW.

7. Me, while cooking: "Gracelyn, please stop pulling down my pants. I will hold you in just a minute."

6. Gracelyn makes multiple requests a day to watch "pat-pat" (Little Ensteins) or to play on the "i-pa" (I-pod) which she can manage to play music and pull up games like "pow-pow" (Angry Birds) all by herself.

5. G: "My!" Translation: "I am a big girl now and I am capable of doing this myself without your help, thank you very much"

4. Gracelyn, when going down for her nap or bed: "Pac?" (Paci) which was weaned over a month ago. Weird she has started asking for it again. Me: "Baby, mommy doesn't have a paci for you. They are all gone." G: "All goine? Purse." Me: "No, baby. I don't have one in my purse. Sleep tight" ...closing the door hearing G say "pac?"

3. Gracelyn: "Su-ee" (Sonny) who is my sister's dog who came with the family to visit us at Christmas. She has a little toy dog that has affectionately become our own "su-ee". We really like stuffed animals for our family pets :)

2. Trent: "Gracelyn, who loves you?" G: "Mom" said with lots of giggles and taunting. Trent: "What! No, Dad!" Followed by tons of tickles and laughter. Trent: "Whose girl are you?" Gracelyn: "Mom...hehe" More of the same...

1. Our precious bedtime routine: First, prayer by dad. Then secrets from dad...whispers like "I had so much fun playing with you today" "I love you more than I thought possible" or "I like seeing you grow up." Gracelyn returns her own secrets: "fa-fa-fa" Then a song with mommy that Gracelyn has started singing with me: "Gracelyn Mae, mommy's girl, Gracelyn Mae, daddy's world, mommy loves you, daddy loves you, Jesus loves you too, mommy loves you, daddy loves you, Jesus loves you too. Gracelyn Mae, trust in the Lord, Gracelyn Mae, will you trust in the Lord, mommy loves you, daddy loves you, Jesus loves you too, mommy loves you, daddy loves you, Jesus loves you too." Me: "Night, night baby. Love you." G whispers with a wave: "bye"

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